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About DNA

Thank you for taking the time to browse our European website and welcome to the world of DNA Baits, the largest online retailer of carp baits in the UK. We hope to give you an insight into how we think and our general philosophy on the confusing world of modern carp baits. As UK anglers, we’re used to putting that little bit extra into our fishing to achieve success, so naturally we apply the same work ethic to our bait range.

We offer a range of high-quality boilies, at a competitive price that have been proven to catch carp – and lots of them! That’s before we even mention the personal service that supports you as not only a valued customer but as an angler.

Time is so precious nowadays, so we understand confidence in your bait is a very important part of ensuring you feel the time you do get on the bank is being spent effectively. That’s why we will do all we can to give you confidence in the fact you’re using a bait someone cares about. Each order that goes out, large or small, receives the same high level of attention as the last and the one that follows it. In our eyes consistency is key, and we apply that not only to the bait, but also to our service. It’s extremely important to us you’re happy with the overall buying experience and the products you ultimately receive.

Something that has changed over the 15-plus years we have been doing this, is that it becomes important to tell you we roll all our own bait in-house, including hook baits. Something that is seemingly getting rarer nowadays. This may seem a strange thing to say, but we now live in a time when anybody with a social-media account and a cheque book can open a bait company and be trading within weeks. Of course, that doesn’t always mean said bait company sells low-quality bait. It just means they can never truly oversee the quality of their baits and ingredients used within them like we can, if they are being produced elsewhere.

At DNA Baits, we know bait inside out, the ingredients that make it effective, and why. This means we use only the finest natural powdered ingredients, not just for nutrition, but for the attraction, part of the puzzle that can often get overlooked when attempting to make food baits. Where possible we also keep any synthetic flavours to an absolute minimum in our feed baits. There is a time and place for flavours certainly, but wherever possible we prefer our attraction to be completely au naturel, built right into the core of the bait. This creates a unique taste profile and ensures the carp keep coming back time and time again. An incredible amount of effort goes into balancing the nutritional profiles of these boilies to ensure the carp are getting as much out of the bait as possible. We don’t think it’s possible for quality baits to blow and, to be honest, the whole idea of this is a bit of an urban myth.

Rest assured, the whole range works and works well! A quick discussion with a member of our team either by email or via whichever social-media network you prefer will help you decide which is suited to your own carp fishing. Again, many thanks for taking the time to read this and may your lines always be tight in the future.

Jason and everybody at DNA.




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